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Here at South Coast Jazz we have some of the best jazz bands for hire, from small and large jazz groups, vocal, instrumental, swing, big band and everything in between. We pride ourselves on punctuality, presentation and of course musical excellence at every step of the way. Take time to look around this site and watch our videos of the different jazz groups available for hire. Over the years we have been lucky enough to play for clients such as Richard Branson, Bill Clinton, Prince Charles to name just a few of our more well-known patrons.

The great thing about jazz is that it is a very flexible music. So if there’s something you want that you don’t see here please get in touch and we’ll often be able to help. Many people opt for a standard size quartet or quintet, but for those on a budget we can offer solo, duet and trio groups. For that extra ‘wow’ factor, check out our Big Band – a 8 or 9 piece extravaganza that re-creates all the pizazz of a full 20 piece band at a fraction of the cost. Hiring a jazz band could not be simpler!


About Chris Coull


Chris Coull is the leader and director of the South Coast Jazz Big Band. He started his career some 20 years ago playing at festivals and jazz clubs throughout the UK. His big band have since spent time abroad and at home exciting crowds with their recognizable hits from Sinatra, Duke Ellington, Glen Miller and more recent big band sounds of the likes of Michael Buble, Tony Bennett and even Lady Gaga’s acclaimed foray into the world of jazz! Chris’ groups have played at Manchester, Appleby, Kendal, Leeds jazz festivals, Love Supreme Jazz weekend, and jazz clubs Jazz at The Lincoln Centre, The Verdict and Band On The Wall.

In smaller groups his soft and intimate playing perfectly complements the sophistication of Sara Oschlag’s vocals and the double bass / guitar combination of Jason Henson and Dan Sheppard. In the big band setting the brass and sax section soar to ever greater heights in the dynamic and vigorous big band style that the 40’s and 50’s became famous for.

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