Live jazz bands for Hotels


Many hotels are looking to provide that value added extra to their guests. Hiring a live jazz band to set the mood and create just the right atmosphere is the perfect way to set your hotel business apart from the competition. The good news is we provide a number of professional live jazz bands for hotels, whether you want an 8-piece combo playing the Bossa Nova at a party or a jazz trio creating that perfect ambience as diners enter your restaurant.

There’s something unforgettable about a great live jazz band. Haunting classics and smooth grooves quickly lift the atmosphere and get people engaged. Whether you just want mood music or feisty live vocals, jazz is a uniquely flexible sound that appeals across all age groups and suits practically any occasion. No one could fail to be moved by a rendition of As Time Goes By or Blue Moon but if you want something a little racier then there’s the Chatanooga Choo Choo and Jail House Rock to get your customers dancing.

Hiring live jazz bands for hotels is becoming a lot more popular as owners and managers try to find something extra to attract guests and provide a more eclectic experience. Our jazz performers have many years of experience and have played across the world, delivering a generous helping of musical class wherever they go. Next time you want to add some style to your guests’ dining experience or have a wedding party to entertain, hiring live jazz bands should be at the top of your list.


Chris came with his big band and played some quiet stuff over dinner and then dancing tunes later on it the evening. Started with jazz and did some R&B to finish. Really enjoyed their playing and would recommend to anyone else who is thinking about hiring them,… 9/10 Shiona Nightingale

Our Wedding

Fabulous jazz band that came to play at our summer fete and garden party – really livened up the whole afternoon with their music. What impressed us most was their flexibility in playing different parts of the afternoon and evening. 10/10 Diana Moyes

U3A Havant

The Chris Coull Quintet come every year to play at our community hall. Always to a sell out crowd and what a knock out they are too! These guys are swinging from start to finish. 10/10 Sam Ashton

Hornby Village Institute