Son Guarachando – Salsa, Cuban and Latin Music


Son Guarachando are one of the top exponents of Cuban Son, Salsa, Cumbia and Latin music working in the UK today. They are fronted by vocalist and dancer Adriana Lord from Havana, Cuba, who has been a leading force on the Havana scene for well over a decade, having worked with the likes of William Vivanco, Eliades Ochoa of Buena Vista Social Club, and N.G. La Banda.  She’s a mesmerising performer who knows exactly how to get the crowd involved in a Cuban dance party!

Percussionist Yanel Eugenio Lahens Matos, also from Havana, is an outstanding player and dancer who also leads Salsa classes, having taught at the prestigious “Escuela Nacional De Dansa” in Cuba. Drummer Juan Marin Paez, from Bogota, Colombia, has played extensively in that country, and in Spain where he lived for 10 years touring all over the EU.  Cuatro player Luke Rattenbury is experienced in playing a wide range of musical styles including Jazz, Latin and Afrobeat, and has travelled extensively in Cuba and Ghana studying their various musical styles. Bassist Eddie Myer has played in a variety of musical contexts across the world and has studied and played the Afro-Latin styles of both Cuba and Brazil for many years. Together they create an authentically Cuban musical experience.

Son Guarachando are in high demand, with club dates, tours, festivals, weddings and private parties, and have been featured on BBC 1’s “The One Show”. They’re equally at home playing to a packed Salsa club as they are bringing the excitement of a Cuban party to a wedding or function, or at an outdoor event, and never fail to get the crowd onto the dancefloor.